Protecting the Environment has been a key element in Flamochem. We have considered environmental factors in two major sectors:

1- Production

In our production plant we have eliminated the use of fossil energy by increasing the performance of our production systems and have totally managed and controlled our wastes.

ISO 14000 has been implemented in all our production process and we are in close contact with university and research institutes having joint projects.


2-Final products:

We have constantly been working on new processes and formulations to limit the use of hazardous chemicals. One of the major projects we can name is FFF (Fluorine Free Foams). We have had a constant research program for the past 10 years in producing Fluorine Free Foams. Today we are proud to announce that we can provide two products in this sector:

2.1. AK-Green Foam 3*3:

A multi purpose superior quality FFF Foam. 100% Fluorine Free. which can be used to extinguish both polar and hydrocarbon fires. Making use of low toxic synthetic surfactants along with a vast number of sugar based and natural fire retarders, AK-Green 3*3 is a powerful rep!acement for AR-AFFF & AFFF foaming agents.

2.2 Envo-Protein:

Most Fluorine Free Foams on the market have discarded or eliminated the use of Fluoro-Surfactants. Even with decreasing the use of Fluoro Surfactants in FFF foams, we still see a harsh approach to the environment due to the high concentration of synthetic detergents used in these products. Protein Foams are one of the most environmental friendly foaming agents on the market which are produced from hydrolysing natural plant and animal raw materials and are therefore 100% biodegradable with no harm to the environment and human body. Interesting to know that some types of protein hydrolysates are even used in the cosmetic industry showing their unharmful effect on the human body. Besides the environmental friendly approach of protein foams, we see a good fire performance specially in resistancy and burn-back performance of protein foams compared to synthetic foams.

Considering the mentioned points we have gone a further step and have tried to limit other hazardous solvent including Glycol Ethers in our new generation Envo-ProteinFoam.

Being a professional producer of Protein Hydrolysates, we have been working on increasing the fire performance in our special Envo-Protein and have made numerous fire tests resulting in stepping up its fire knock down and burn-back resistancy. Envo-Protein is one of the most poweful & environmental friendly foaming agents on the market with remarkable fire performance.

(To receive our test results please contact our R&D sector)

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